Road Improvements = More Salmon Habitat


I am also proud of our recent decision to increase road construction. For years our Public Works Department had squirreled away from your road taxes a “rainy day fund” equal to 100% of our annual road budget. Under new management at the department we have insisted on expanding road improvements, taking advantage of federal and state safety and emergency grants as well as grants for removing fish barriers. Joining the City of Longview in applying for a $13 million federal grant, we should finally be able to begin rebuilding the Oregon Way/Industrial Way intersection, eliminating the long bottlenecks there.


Another unique proposal involved rebuilding Storm Road and replacing culverts at Wren Loop and White Road on Delameter Creek. It involved a fish-habitat partnership with FEMA, not the typical fish recovery agency. Just this year alone over $13 million in road improvements will open miles and miles of fish habitat for returning salmon.


We have also been able to shift excess revenue from the road taxes to help pay for long-delayed capital improvements. Another bonus is that that new PW leadership has resulted in improved safety and employee morale. And the best news is that our road reserve is still healthy enough to face emergency repairs when inclement weather causes slides.

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