Challenges with Recruitment and Retention


I also want to share with you some of the challenges we have faced recruiting and retaining employees. The sheer number of Gen X employees is about one-third less than either Baby Boomers or Millennials. Our HR department informed us several years ago that with wages and salaries still depressed from the Great Recession, we were constantly losing employees with considerable job experience to Lewis, Wahkiakum, and Clark Counties, as well as the City of Longview and PeaceHealth. Also adding pressure was that most of our salary/wage schedules allowed employees to “top-out” after only three to five years.


We decided on two approaches to address this dilemma: a competitive salary survey (using data from five other comparable counties, not including Clark) and a negotiating strategy expanding the number of steps to “top-out”. This spring we approved the final CBAs to complete this journey to more competitive salaries and wages.

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