CAP – our local War on Poverty


Since 1966 our local CAP has received federal and state funds, for a variety of programs to assist those enmeshed in poverty, including the Help Food Warehouse. As a private non-profit organization, it has more flexibility to restructure or eliminate programs that have run-away costs or prove to be ineffective. It also has been an incubator for fledgling social service agencies that spin off on their own (i.e. legal aid, Head-Start, Ethnic Support Council). Federal law requires that one-third of its board consist of elected officials. I serve along with councilmembers from Longview and Kelso, a commissioner from Wahkiakum County and a state legislator. (Another third comes from the private sector, and the final third represent target populations.)


Some of the innovative programs I have championed on this Board include Self-Help Housing, where low-income families earn a down payment through sweat equity while learning skills and helping neighbors built homes. Another one is Meals –on-Wheels, the food service that uses volunteers to deliver home meals to seniors. It is critical to achieving the goal of helping seniors remain in their own homes longer than might be possible otherwise. Two of us commissioners strongly support funding that program. I have regularly lobbied our Congressional delegation on the importance of funding CAP programs, including self-help housing, Meals-on-Wheels, and help for the homeless.\

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