Close Partnership with the Sheriff’s Office


I never fully accepted the concept that highly trained sheriff’s deputies had to sit at the HOJ to perform security checks. Airports don’t used commissioned officers, why should we here? Working closely with first-term Sheriff Brad Thurman we successfully negotiated a change that allowed at least four deputies on that security detail to return to the streets to fight crime. In addition, the county is now providing more deputies with new state-of-the-art night vision goggles and we are replacing our fleet of out-of-date Crown Vics with more modern Expeditions. We also moved the Law Enforcement Records under the Sheriff’s Office, helping improve the administration of those all-important documents.


In early May I supported Sheriff Thurman’s request for a proclamation of Law Enforcement Officer’s Week to correspond with Deputy Justin DeRosier’s name being inscribed in Washington, DC at the national memorial to fallen officers. The BOCC approved the proclamation two to one. The tragic murder of Deputy DeRosier cast a pall over the county last year. But the response from our community was just incredible -- from the outpouring of tributes and vigils, to the crowds along the funeral process, to his memorial service. I have never been prouder to be from Cowlitz County than I was during those trying times.

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