Methanol Plant Stalled for now


The huge $2 billion methanol development proposed for the Port of Kalama is still awaiting approval from the State of Washington, even though regional clean air permits as well as local county permits have been issued. Former County Commissioners George Raiter, Jim Misner, and Mike Karnofski; former Governor, US Commerce Secretary, and Ambassador to China Gary Locke; and current State Representative Richard DeBolt joined us and other local leaders time and time again to try to convince state bureaucrats to approve the project once actually endorsed by Gov. Inslee until changing his mind while running for US President.


It remains the world’s most technologically advanced proposal for a facility of its kind and the mitigation costs would provide millions of dollars annually toward valuable improvements to our environment long into the future. It would be the biggest, most valuable industrial development for Kalama since the building of the transcontinental railroad 150 years ago!


But that is not a future Governor Inslee wants for Cowlitz County. So much for being guided by science. Apparently he is still miffed at us for an incident that occurred when he spoke eloquently about the marvelous technology of the proposal when suddenly a mile-long coal train passed by in the background.

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