Medicaid Reforms or Rural Service Cuts

Under the Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) system, Gov. Inslee ordered private managed care insurance companies (MCOs) to administer Medicaid dollars from the state. His goal is to eliminate waste and control costs. Each county has at least three MCOs contracting with local service providers from which clients can chose. But after our experience with Clark County where consolidating services to save money resulted in fewer services for Cowlitz County residents, I am convinced we have a duty to you to make sure more rural counties don’t get the short end of the deal.


My role as a board member of the Great Rivers Behavioral Health Organization is to oversee the provider network, including crisis intervention teams, to insure the MCOs provide adequate resources to avoid the crises that fill up our jails with sick inmates. That also has involved my testifying before the legislature on the adequacy of funding for behavioral health programs. Legislators have responded with far more resources available than ever before. The five counties making up the Great Rivers region (Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, Pacific, Grays Harbor, and Lewis) each have a commissioner making up the board.


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