Longview Daily News, October 13, 2020

As a fellow Rotarian and a violinist with the local symphony, I've known Cowlitz County Commissioner Dennis Weber for nearly 30 years.

He has faithfully served our community in many roles, both as a public servant and a teacher at R.A. Long High School.

While we have not always agreed on issues, he always has responded and kept open our communications, something to be embraced. At the end of the day, we are able to carry on our well-founded relationship.

Finally, Weber represents a good rational balance for the board of commissioners, and he needs to be retained for another term.

Vote for Dennis Weber.

Gary Lindstrom



Longview Daily News, September 17, 2020

In 2007, a white supremacist was dispatched by the Aryan Nations to establish a “church” in Longview. Dennis Weber was a catalyst for action by concerned citizens to stage a peaceful protest showing that Longview would not stand with white supremacists.

Dennis’ goal was quoted in The Daily News in November 2007: “…tell members of this group they’re not really welcome, they don’t represent this community...” Hundreds showed up to march and picnic at Victoria Freeman Park to oppose the “church.” The park is named for the woman who, in 1924, took her children to the “white” school insisting they be educated there – integrating Longview’s schools. Some citizens sat in the front rows of the “church” meeting, quietly observing. The “church” left. Their website subsequently featured Dennis as an enemy.

Eventually the man spearheading this “church” turned his life around and apologized for his actions.

Dennis Weber always stands strong and fights for equality and against bigotry. We need that kind of leadership – now more than ever. Please join me in voting for Dennis Weber for Cowlitz County commissioner.

Carol Bales



Longview Daily News, July 24, 2020


Remember all the silly, counterproductive drama we had when Kurt Anagnostou was a Cowlitz PUD commissioner? We don't need a repeat of that at the county level.

Instead, we should re-elect Dennis Weber as Cowlitz County commissioner. Weber has been an effective leader in city and county government for decades. He considers all sides of the issues and works to build solutions based on consensus. Because of his long experience, he is exceptionally knowledgeable of the needs of our county.

Please join me in supporting Dennis Weber's re-election as Cowlitz County commissioner.

Mike Woods


Longview Daily News, July 14, 2020

Cowlitz County Commissioner Dennis Weber has spent his life learning, teaching and serving. His sound approach to fiscal policy and deep understanding of our United States and Washington state constitutions guide him in every decision he makes on our behalf.

Weber worked to help develop a plan to make our landfill profitable, keep rates low and retain county control.

When child custody cases were facing long, untenable backlogs and causing undue turmoil for kids, he convinced his fellow commissioners to add another judge and found a way to do it without raising taxes. And like a bulldog, he convinced bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., to promise that funding would be restored to track sediment flows down the Cowlitz River.

There’s a reason Weber keeps getting elected. We trust his thoughtful judgment and concern for every citizen. He understands what Cowlitz County is and what it can be, and works hard every day to improve this place he deeply loves.

Please join me voting for Dennis Weber for Cowlitz County Commissioner.

Carol Bales

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