New Dock Export Facility Denied for now


Millennium Bulk Terminals still plans to clean up and replaced the former Reynolds Metals Reduction Plant with a $1 billion coal-exporting facility. There have been numerous public hearings with hundreds of folks testifying on both sides. But the state’s steadfast refusal to permit construction of an additional dock along with a major coal-exporting facility and providing local longshoremen jobs has actually led to more environmental damage to the entire state, not less.  


The coal trains come into the state near Spokane and head to the Tri-cities. Then they travel down the Columbia Gorge to our Vancouver. From them they head north through the state’s most populated and congested region to be loaded by Canadian longshoremen and shipped out of Vancouver, BC through the Straits of Juan de Fuca, adding additional stress to endangered killer whales.


It is happening in spite of the Inslee Administration because under our federal constitution foreign & interstate commerce is not regulated by the state, rather by the federal government.  County staff sits at the table as the US Army’s Corps of Engineers continues to negotiate terms for a federal permit to allow a shorter, and thus safer, route through Longview. But the case is headed toward federal courts for final determination.


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