County Jail & Behavioral Health Treatment One of the stark realities for county government in America is that when people’s lives spin out of control due to poor behavioral health (mental illness and substance abuse), the county is the last resort for protecting them from harming themselves and others. Even the President of the United States has acknowledged that our largest unlicensed mental health facilities are county jails. Our staff at both the county jail and the juvenile detention center have shared with us that over the past several years inmates have been arriving in custody in worse mental and physical shape than before.


We have instituted new staff training for dealing with inmates with severe mental health problems. And we pay for medically assisted treatment for those with opioid addiction. Our jail medical costs have also skyrocketed and now take up nearly 50% of the 0.1% behavioral health sales tax collected each year. We also became the first county in the state to add a body scanner as part of the intake procedure at the jail to eliminate drug smuggling in body cavities.

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