Experience Matters.

Weber's Experience Gets Things Done.

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County Commissioner, 2013 - Present

Mayor, City of Longview, 1984 - 91, 2006 - 07, 2012

President, Longview Education Association, 2010-12

Teacher, Longview School District, 1975 - 2010

Chair, County Freeholder Board, 1998

Longview City Council, 1980-91, 2002-12

University of Portland, MEd, 1975

University of Washington, BA, 1975

R.A. Long High School, 1970

Eagle Scout, 1967

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When one commissioner proposed giving control of our  $500 million landfill away, Commissioner Weber said, “No!” Working with our major customers, the cities and big employers, he crafted a set of management goals to make the landfill more environmentally sound and more profitable for taxpayers, while keeping rates for local customers the lowest west of the Cascades. Weber’s experience can get things done.


When a federal budget bureaucrat cancelled promised funding for monitoring sediment flows down the Cowlitz, Commissioner Weber went back to Washington, DC, faced down that bureaucrat with the evidence that flood protection was at risk ,and won his promise that funding would be restored. “Best presentation I have ever seen,” the bureaucrat later wrote. Weber’s experience can get things done.


When child custody cases in our court system faced a backlog of over two years, because criminal cases get priority scheduling, Commissioner Weber said the kids shouldn’t be suffering from such emotional turmoil in their crucial years and convinced his colleagues it was time to add another judge to the bench – and he found the money to do it without raising taxes. Weber’s experience can get things done.


Please vote Dennis Weber for County Commissioner!

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